Proper Nutrition And Oral Health: A Guide For Beginners

Let’s face it!

Although scientific advancements may change this in the future, as of right now, you only get one set of adult teeth. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to do ALL you can to protect them and keep them healthy.

You have been led to believe brushing, flossing, and mouth washing is all there is to protect your pearly whites and your gums.

But, in fact, it’s only part of the story. Continue reading

Getting some ZZZ’s: Beyond Teeth

I don’t snore… I just dream of being a motorcycle! Classic.


The more research that comes out, the more we are finding a link between sleep apnea and oral conditions. Basically, with a few simple questions and by looking in your mouth, I can screen you for sleep apnea!

We used to think that most Apnea patients are overweight middle age males that snore. We’re finding this is not the case. Continue reading

Kids and Sports Guards

Summer is quickly drawing to a close. What that means for some families is back to school and back to sports!

Lets use August’s Smile Blog to talk about protecting your teeth and your kids teeth during sports activity!

Did you know that 5 Million teeth are injured or knocked out every year! This leads to about 500 million dollars a year spent on replacement or fixes. About 40% of these are sports related! Continue reading

Get Wise about Wisdom Teeth

Its summer! Time for the kids to relax, swim, and generally relax. For teenagers and young adults, summer is a great time to take care of their wisdom teeth. My mom was the original person who told me that my wisdom teeth coming in does NOT actually impart any wisdom on me or mean that I was getting any wiser… thanks mom. Regardless, wisdom teeth can cause a whole host of issues and we’ll discuss the ins and outs of wisdom teeth here.

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Dental Hygiene Trends

How cool is it that we can see dental hygiene topics trending on Social Media? From coconut oil pulling to charcoal tooth pastes, at least oral health care is on people’s minds.

The idea behind oil pulling is to swish 1 tsp of coconut oil for 20 minutes and it allegedly draws toxins out of your mouth. Seems like an awful long time! It only takes 2 minutes to floss (we’ll talk about that more in a second). At this time I see no harm in doing this, but the benefits may or may not be as advertised. Continue reading

First Post !

Welcome! We are excited to announce that we have revamped our website. This has been a long time coming. My goal was to create a website that could be more interactive for patients to get to know us better and where we could share tid bits of knowledge to help everyone improve their oral health!

Please have a look around. I am excited about the new Blog Feature and will post articles, thoughts, and information on a regular basis. Continue reading