Digital Dentistry

Digital technology has come a long way in dentistry and we now offer many of these things to help enhance our patient experience. Digital X-rays reduce the need for chemicals in the office and require less radiation to develop. Digital Photography helps us educate and inform our patients about their conditions.

We have recently incorporated a digital scanner in our office. This scanner eliminates the need for gooey impression material. We scan our crowns and onlays so the lab gets accurate information and we can now make crowns that fit better than ever before.

Laser Dentistry

Lasers can be a tool to help us achieve excellent dental treatment. With the laser, we can manage the soft tissue and gums when doing tooth restorations in order to have higher quality outcomes.

We can also use the laser as an adjunct when performing deep cleanings in order to obtain better healing results, disinfect bacteria, and keep the gums healthier.

Patients with muscular pain and TMJ problems can also benefit from low level laser therapy.

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