TMJ Disorder

TMJ Disorder or dysfunction can be described by pain of the muscles and joints of the jaw. This can affect quality of life and can be a chronic condition.

At our office we have a diagnostic exam for TMJ disorder if you are having any issues and we have options to help manage and relieve the symptoms of TMJ disorder.


Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea occurs when breathing is hindered during sleep. This can lead to a host of problems ranging from lack of energy during the day to frequent headaches, an increased  risk for stroke, heart attack, and hypertension. Often, the first signs of sleep apnea occur in the mouth. We start seeing evidence of clenching and grinding of the teeth, erosion from reflux caused by sleep apnea, and changes to the tongue and gums. The dentist is a great resource for screening for this disease.

Sleep Apnea and TMJ pain are often interconnected and we screen everyone at our visits for signs and symptoms of both.

We work hand in hand with your physician and/or a sleep study center for diagnosis and treatment which can range from a CPAP to oral appliances we can make for you! These treatments will usualy stop or reduce snoring and increase your quality of life tremendously!

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