Emergency Dental Services Corpus Christi

Sometimes emergency situations are unavoidable whether it is trauma or a toothache. We are here to serve your needs.

Call us now if you have a dental emergency, we do our best to get you scheduled ASAP!

If, however, you feel you are facing a life-threatening emergency, and need immediate medical attention dial 9-1-1 for direct emergency medical services.

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If you believe you are experiencing a dental emergency, it is important to remain calm.

However, make sure to act quickly as dental injuries to your teeth and gums can create an infection or other complications.

Just prior to making your call to us, if there is bleeding, focus immediately on applying pressure!

Protecting the injured tooth or area is paramount, as well as avoiding the consumption of aspirin or ibuprofen before visiting us for emergency dental services.

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Emergency Tooth Ache Relief

Whether it’s from decay, infection, or trauma, a toothache is not a good situation, we will do our best to get you out of pain!

Some of the most common causes of a severe toothache can be:

  • Lodged debris under the gum line
  • Lost filling or crown
  • Cracked or broken tooth
  • Infection

If the main has become unmanageable, apply ice to the area and immediately give us a call.

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Swollen Jaw Relief

If your jaw is excruciatingly painful and swollen, it’s important to not move it. Secure your jaw in place with a necktie or towel tied around the top of your head to keep it steady. Apply cold packs to reduce the swelling.

Cracked Tooth

It can be possible to re-attach broken or chipped pieces of tooth. Therefore, if you find any debris, save them immediately before calling us.

Be sure to:

  • Rinse pieces, as well as your mouth, with warm water
  • Clean off pieces (if dirty) with a towel
  • Place pieces in a small container and cover with water, salt, or saliva from the injured person

Apply ice to reduce swelling.


If a permanent tooth is knocked out, the best thing to do is keep it in milk or saliva and get to the dentist or urgent care center to have it replanted in an hours time or less.

If a tooth is pushed out of place, it is best to receive dental care ASAP and have the tooth re-positioned and splinted.

Repair of Lost/Loose Tooth Fillings

If you’ve lost a piece of filling, try and place it in a safe place so you can provide it to use upon visiting. To make your mouth more comfortable, fill the hole now in your tooth with wax from a drug store. Do not use any adhesive or construction materials to fill the hole.

Sore Gum Relief

Sore gums can be the sign of something much worse, which is why it’s critical you visit us as soon as possible. Sore gums can be symptoms of an infection that forms in the gum tissue or tooth’s root. Rinse your mouth with warm water for relief.

Root Canal Therapy

If you think something is wrong following a root canal, please call us immediately.

Urgent Dental Repair

If any kind of orthodontist-placed equipment in your mouth is out of place or causing pain through ill-applied equipment or poking wires, be sure to set up an appointment with your orthodontist.

If any pieces of equipment are inhaled, please visit a hospital immediately.

If any items are swallowed, call us first and we’ll consult the orthodontist on the next best option. 

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If you think you are in need of an emergency dental visit, please schedule an appointment with us immediately: 361-992-7631.